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Mathew McRobbie

B Yoga
Owner, RYT 200
305 Main Street, Grand Junction, CO 81501
Mathew McRobbie has studied and trained in the Shambhavayoga lineage. Mathew completed his 200-hour certification at Shoshoni, an ashram in the mountains above Boulder, Colorado. He has returned to Shoshoni to certify through their shoulders/inversions, vinyasa, and meditation teacher training programs.

Mathew describes his yoga journey as a path of gentle growth, one of sharing and for finding greater capacities for compassion. Compassion for self and for others. And that is what Mathew shares at his studio, a place where he feels that he is a student in the room along with everyone else. He honors that we are all at different levels of growth and that we express ourselves differently. Diversity and acceptance is a big part of the practice. We practice to surrender and to let go of what no longer serves us and to step into what does. To be present, open, to follow our hearts, to acknowledge those messages that lead us back to our innate self. To expand and to reside in this space. At B Yoga we believe we are rewarded this expansion only through practice and work. As one of our lineage teachers Rudi said, “the reward for hard work…is more hard work.” It’s about the journey, there’s going to be an abundance of sweetness and hard times. It’s going to take hard work; that’s your reward and it’s worth digging into. Namaste