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David A. Moran

Internet Cameras United, Inc.
President / CEO
Delta, CO.
We are a surveillance company with a unique product line of video analytics that allow our customers to tag and receive alerts based on their need for visual verification of known objects. Quite simply put our Artificial Intelligence is Machine Learning for Facial Detection and learned object notification with user defined disregards of biological, environmental and object base images. Say you want to know when ever you see a particular car or license plate that is seen by our cameras to be notified, but wanted to ignore say your neighbors car. Then you would be notified through Text or email of the video clip showing the new car or license plate but not your neighbors. Or if you wanted to search for all UPS delivery for the past three Fridays, then in seconds you would be provided with all the UPS deliveries for the past three Fridays within seconds. Our centralized analytics allow for trip lines to be enforced for notification also. Say you have a pathway that every time someone walks through it you are notified and can respond verbally or we can send the clip to a responding police unit. We can further define what direction would be of applicable for notification. Say you only wanted to know when the Trip Line was tripped entering it and not exiting it before notification. This form of next generation surveillance notification doesn't rely on human error and is on 24/7 or only during customer defined hours of operation. Either way all the information is captured to the cloud and reviewable for further investigation.
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