Welcome to Grand Junction and Techstars Startup Week - West Slope
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Jennifer Alsever

Campfire Content
Eagle, Colorado
I am a storyteller. For thirteen years, I've had the pleasure of living in Eagle, near Vail. And I've also been blessed by a rich journalism career that spanned more than two decades. During that time, I wrote for the Denver Post, Fortune Magazine, the Wall Street Journal, Inc Magazine, the New York Times, Wired and Fast Company, among others.

In 2018, I saw how the shifting media landscape created ripe opportunities for companies to become their own storytellers and to drive engagement with engaging content and interesting tales drawn from within their walls and within the industries around them. Brand journalism was replacing traditional PR. Content was king. I joined former journalist Doug Brown to start Campfire Content, and we now provide content marketing, story-mining and storytelling strategy to a wide range of businesses.

Why I wanted to be part of Startup Week: I live on the Western Slope and I believe it’s the coolest, most peaceful place in the state, and I’m thrilled to see more startup activity bubbling up here. For the vast majority of my career, I've written about entrepreneurs and startups, and I've loved every minute of it. An entrepreneur's journey is so powerful, filled with lessons learned and a-ha moments and innovation and excitement and hardship and struggle and the eternal optimism of creating change. Entrepreneurs are a special bunch, and I'm passionate about helping them tell those stories and uncovering all that makes them unique.