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Charles Talbott

Talbott's Cider
Founder, Operations Manager
Palisade, Colorado
Born and raised in Palisade, Colorado. Graduated from Palisade High School, after graduation enlisted in the United States Marine Corps to serve as a power-line mechanic on the AV-8B Harrier. Started working at Talbott's Mountain Gold LLLP in January on 2014. Christopher Leader (cousin) and I started Talbott's Cider Company in September of 2015. My role at Talbott's Cider Company was Marketing/Sales and Brand Development. Since then I am now the Operations Manager that oversees Production, Marketing/Sales, and Taproom Operations. Currently working on the brand development for a winery and a spritzer company with goals to launch in January of 2020.
In my personal time I enjoy the outdoors, riding motorcycles, and drinking beer with good company. Bring up any of these topics and it will lead to great conversation.