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Molly Cuffe

VF Corporation
Director, Corporate Responsibility Communications
Having grown up in the mountains of Montana, my love of the outdoors started at an early age and runs deep. So much so, I made a career out of outdoor meetings – on ski lifts, along river beds, hiking in the mountains, and even wandering the sheep stations of New Zealand.

I have a long history of utilizing storytelling and brand marketing to build passionate communities. Having led global creative, brand marketing and communications teams, I bring a unique perspective to everything I do. I have created three award-winning media campaigns, which were also the topics of two Facebook case studies.

Currently at VF Corporation, I am building the enterprise's Corporate Responsibility Communications platform. Previously at Smartwool, I led both the corporate communications and public affairs. And, long before that, I spent more than a decade in the destination travel and ski industries in numerous marketing and communications roles, including spokesperson for Colorado’s ski industry. I believe in scaling good through the power of business and advocate for public lands in my local community and Washington D.C.

While I do spend more time at indoor meetings these days, I’d always rather be outside hiking, trail running, skiing, fly fishing or camping with my husband, David, and our two dogs, Fancy and Lucha.