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Taylor Vanlandingham

Nuclear Care Partners
VP of Human Resources and Operations
Grand Junction, CO
My name is Taylor Vanlandingham and I currently work as the Vice President of Human Resources and Operations at Nuclear Care Partners (NCP). NCP provides in home care to former Atomic Energy Commission (AEC) workers. During the last 5 years at NCP, my focus has been on developing and maintaining structure in all aspects of HR Operations. The following accomplishments are specific examples (things I would love to discuss at any time):
● Developed and implemented an effective Recruitment Program, improving efficiency and employee retention
● Developed and implemented a Performance Management Program
● Created a compensation survey to create fair and consistent wages
● Structured an improved Employee Orientation and Training Program
● Created policies and procedures to minimize company risk

I have a Bachelor's Degree in Business with an emphasis in Human Resources from The University of Colorado at Boulder. Upon graduation, I held two different positions at Target Corporation; Executive Team Leader of Assets Protection and Executive Team Leader of Human Resources. Following Target, I was recruited to NCP. I held two different positions at NCP; HR Coordinator and, currently, VP of Human Resources and Operations. I have a desire for and a personal interest in managing people. NCP’s team has grown from 50 to nearly 700 employees in the last 4 years, nationwide, requiring increased HR involvement. With this growth, I have provided leadership in operational controls, improved administrative procedures, and effective employment practices required in a growth environment.

I enjoy building meaningful relationships and being a positive advisor to others to help meet business goals. My talents include, developing employees, creating strong policies and procedures, process improvement, long term strategy/global thinking, decision making and driving efficiency throughout the business.