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John Sabal

Palisade Cafe
Palisade, CO
John Sabal and his wife Marti Montoya started the most recent version -- 11.0 (since the 1930s) -- of The Palisade Cafe 11.0 in May 2016, to focus on the bounty being produced by Palisade and West Slope farmers, ranchers, winemakers, brewers, distillers, cheesemakers, and artists. "We saw a huge disparity between what was being grown and produced locally and what was available at local restaurants. To not have a farm-to-table fresh restaurant in Palisade focusing on all these producers was a missing link in this community," say the owners. "At the time I was the Chairman of the Palisade Chamber of Commerce and knew just about everyone in town and how hard they work. The locals are devoted, above all, to producing quality, and we wanted to seize on their drive and energy -- Marti and I have that same devotion to excellence -- and celebrate it," says John.

The Palisade Cafe 11.0 also captures the owners' Spanish and Peruvian backgrounds in offering authentic Spanish paella and Peruvian items throughout the menu. Says Marti, "Consumers are savvier than ever and they want quality and authenticity when they go out to eat...people want 'special.' We always strive to deliver it."